finally an update!! :)

Great news, the Christmas presents finally arrived at steka! Godknows told us that they will be opening them on Easter as part of their celebration! We are excited for pictures and responses 🙂 More great news, thanks to all of our friends and family supporting steka we have been able to raise over $1000 so far! This money has gone to rent (about $700/3months) and necessary items for the children (there are now 30 of them!). I was able to meet with the missions pastor at my church who sent me all the information we need to fill out in order to register steka with the IRS as a 501 (c)3! It is A LOT of paper work and needs legal review before it is submitted, but we are aiming at having this complete within the next month! Until we have NPO status, we’ve decided the most efficient way to send money is through western union. I will be sending a donation within the next couple weeks so if any one is interested let me know and I can send them together to be the most cost efficient as possible!…email me at for donations… Thanks for everyones support! 🙂

Heather & Rachel

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