International Women’s Day 2019

Happy International Women’s day!
At STEKA we are doing all we can to ensure that our daughters receive the same opportunities as their brothers, that they can go to school without being held back and can find their own employment without being pushed into an early marriage, as many girls across Malawi and the rest of the world still are.
Helen Maseko is the mother of our STEKA family and a brilliant role model for her children. Although Helen has not been able to have her own biological children, today she is the mother of seventy three former street children, who she and her husband Godknows share their home with.
She opened her doors to children living on the street at just 29 years old, after experiencing her own struggles in helping raise her siblings, and since then has cared for 73 children with a variety of difficult backgrounds, 26 of whom arrived at STEKA at under two months old. Now all of these children are receiving an education and some have even made it to college and university!
Helen also plays an active role in her church and is the executive secretary of the Catholic Women’s Organisation, where she is one of the top female councillors offering support to women who are suffering from trauma or mental illness.
Now Helen is working on building a vocational skills centre along side her husband so that her children and others who are unable to access education and training will have somewhere that they can learn the skills to set them up with employment. At the skills centre Helen will be assisting with the Childcare Training Institute where parents will be mentored as well as couples who are expecting children so that they are prepared for looking after their own children and how to protect and empower them!
Happy International Women’s Day Helen thank you for inspiring not only your own children, but many others across Malawi and the rest of the world – we love you!
“Heres to strong women – may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”


Back to School

After a long holiday the children of STEKA are ready to begin the new school year. We are very proud that all of our children who are able to attend school are doing so and thankful to those who have sponsored children this year, making school fees less of a burden on the house.

5 of our children have begun their school journey by starting Standard One and were very excited and thankful to be able to do so!

We now have 5 members of the STEKA home who have finished school – Sandra (who undertook a term at Queen Margaret University in Scotland and is now studying at University in Malawi), Yollanda (who is studying Public Health at ShareWorld Open University), Gift (who is currently studying Sociology at Queen Margaret University for 6 months), Hope (who is currently developing his IT skills) and Chikondi (who is developing skills to become a welder). Although we are very proud of how well our school leavers are doing we are worried that the number of young people finishing school in the coming years is going to increase and therefore the pressure is on to get the Vocational Skills Centre built and ready to provide these young people with the skills they need to gain employment.


All of our children’s school uniforms are made at STEKA by our tailor. Here are some photos Sandra has taken of some of our youngest members of the family before leaving for school in the morning!

IMG-8512IMG-8456IMG-8260IMG-8151IMG-8177 (1)IMG-8143




STEKA App Video

Watch our STEKA App video! We made this app so that people can see what products and services we offer in order to support the Children that we take under our wing. Please share and download our App. Our Children are also taking part in the @Keepod @Snapp_Builder @OuternetForAll #AppChallenge and are designing apps to help change #Malawi. You can find more details on the App Challenge HERE

Merry Christmas!

The Price & Meyer family came to serve breakfast to all the children. The Children also all got presents & we will now enjoy a Christmas party. Merry Christmas to all from the STEKA Kids!  


Press briefing done

We would like to thank all media who made avairable  for the press briefing today zodiak MBC times group nation news paper min FM and Nina representing kenyawikids Dr Kevin Mortima Mr Munyonga its time Malawi needs to change its mind set towards the welfare of children



Happy Birthday to William Kamkwamba!

Today, on William Kamkwamba’s birthday, his uncle Salim Adam came to visit us at STEKA! He came to see how we are running Keepod and Outernet together for the children to learn. 

The same setup will be deployed in Kasungu at Kachekolo Comunity Day School very soon in Wimbe! 

We also had Maurice Manda, from Mua, School for Deaf Children, visit us who will also have a Keepod deployment after the school holidays in September. Wishing them the best and thank you for the visit 🙂 


The story of the Boy Who Harnessed the Wind & Keepod Deployment 

Today the Children had the chance to see the Saint Andrews Primary School Assembly play about William Kamkwamba aka “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind”. 

20 Keepods were given to the eldest Children. These Children now for the first time have their own personal computers. We thank God for this blessing and pray that it will change their lives. 

The Children also had a very special lunch today which will follow in the next update.