peanut butter, bracelets, & land

Bracelets are currently for sale in the United States! ALL money raised goes directly to the children at STEKA. Each bracelet comes with an attached bio of one of the STEKA children! Contact Heather if you’re interested @

Godknows Maseko (founder & director) has been diligently working to raise funds to purchase land within the Blantyre City where a STEKA Village can begin to be built. Unfortunately, rent prices have risen leaving little money left for the children’s needs (education, food, etc.) so things have been very tight financially for STEKA. However, as a loving & providing father &mother Godknows & Helen Maseko will stop at nothing to see that all the children in their care are provided for. Along with the small sewing business & furniture shop, STEKA is now selling peanut butter!

STEKA has purchased a machine to produce peanut butter & along with generating an income to provide for the children who live at STEKA, they also plan to help feed local children that require special meals due to malnutrition. Godknows & Helen still need our help! After land is purchased they plan to begin building immediately & still need to raise the money for the materials to build. If you are interested in donating please contact us! ( More updates to come 🙂

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