recent photos from STEKA




STEKA United Futbol (soccer) team!


Love from STEKA children! ZIKOMO means THANK YOU in chichewa. Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped make STEKA’S dream of owning their own land and home a reality!

Godknows & some of the STEKA children in front on their new home with Solar power!


Godknows and some of the children outside of their new house with solar power!

One thought on “recent photos from STEKA

  1. I am Davie Daniel. I visited STEKA HOUSE yesterday for the first time and had a chat wilt Helen and met some children living at STEKA HOUSE. I will pray for you that God will help you and send more supporters for you to have enough maize. I hope to come and visit you again. STUDENT at Guthrie Bible Training Centre. Completing level 4 and CERTIFICATE COURSE for CHILDREN’S WORKERS TRAINING. Godknows I believe you also completed this course! Congratulations!

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