Happy Birthday to William Kamkwamba!

Today, on William Kamkwamba’s birthday, his uncle Salim Adam came to visit us at STEKA! He came to see how we are running Keepod and Outernet together for the children to learn. 

The same setup will be deployed in Kasungu at Kachekolo Comunity Day School very soon in Wimbe! 

We also had Maurice Manda, from Mua, School for Deaf Children, visit us who will also have a Keepod deployment after the school holidays in September. Wishing them the best and thank you for the visit 🙂 


One thought on “Happy Birthday to William Kamkwamba!

  1. Together we rebuild our good national for better living standards. Steka, Keepod,outernet and windmill solutions to our nation Malawi.

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