Back to School

After a long holiday the children of STEKA are ready to begin the new school year. We are very proud that all of our children who are able to attend school are doing so and thankful to those who have sponsored children this year, making school fees less of a burden on the house.

5 of our children have begun their school journey by starting Standard One and were very excited and thankful to be able to do so!

We now have 5 members of the STEKA home who have finished school – Sandra (who undertook a term at Queen Margaret University in Scotland and is now studying at University in Malawi), Yollanda (who is studying Public Health at ShareWorld Open University), Gift (who is currently studying Sociology at Queen Margaret University for 6 months), Hope (who is currently developing his IT skills) and Chikondi (who is developing skills to become a welder). Although we are very proud of how well our school leavers are doing we are worried that the number of young people finishing school in the coming years is going to increase and therefore the pressure is on to get the Vocational Skills Centre built and ready to provide these young people with the skills they need to gain employment.


All of our children’s school uniforms are made at STEKA by our tailor. Here are some photos Sandra has taken of some of our youngest members of the family before leaving for school in the morning!

IMG-8512IMG-8456IMG-8260IMG-8151IMG-8177 (1)IMG-8143




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