Solar system

As STEKA is busy with the building of the house there is a problem with the electricity for up to now the electricity supply of Malawi is not even yet visited the new house for assesment and advise us how much we have to pay which we really know will afect our target of moving into the house by the end of this month December we therefore ask the well wishers if they can donate and rescue us by donating towards purchasing of solar system which is at k720.500.00 about £1500.00 or $2500.00 once this comes in we will be able to move into the house and we will not even ask the electricity to connect their power to us and this will assist us to save more for the escom is very expensive.

2012 Update!

Step Kids Awareness now has land, and are in the process of raising funding to build houses! Anyone in the USA interested in donating to STEKA’s building fund please contact Heather Tatusko at
More updates and photos coming soon! Below are the details of the building project from Godknows Maseko, founder and director of STEKA. Any questions about the document can be directed to Godknows at


peanut butter, bracelets, & land

Bracelets are currently for sale in the United States! ALL money raised goes directly to the children at STEKA. Each bracelet comes with an attached bio of one of the STEKA children! Contact Heather if you’re interested @

Godknows Maseko (founder & director) has been diligently working to raise funds to purchase land within the Blantyre City where a STEKA Village can begin to be built. Unfortunately, rent prices have risen leaving little money left for the children’s needs (education, food, etc.) so things have been very tight financially for STEKA. However, as a loving & providing father &mother Godknows & Helen Maseko will stop at nothing to see that all the children in their care are provided for. Along with the small sewing business & furniture shop, STEKA is now selling peanut butter!

STEKA has purchased a machine to produce peanut butter & along with generating an income to provide for the children who live at STEKA, they also plan to help feed local children that require special meals due to malnutrition. Godknows & Helen still need our help! After land is purchased they plan to begin building immediately & still need to raise the money for the materials to build. If you are interested in donating please contact us! ( More updates to come 🙂

STEKA Village

Godknows has been hard at work for a very long time raising the funds neccessary to accomplish his life-long dream of buying enough land to build a village to accomodate the children of STEKA. He is almost there, but he needs our help! Affording the rent on the current children’s home is exhausting what little money they do have and he is afraid the high cost of rent will eventually run the organisation into the ground. It is clearly a beneficial investment for STEKA to own their own establishment. If you are interested in helping, please let us know by contacting either me, Heather, or Godknows! Thank you in advance for taking interest in the well-being of the children of STEKA! ❤

finally an update!! :)

Great news, the Christmas presents finally arrived at steka! Godknows told us that they will be opening them on Easter as part of their celebration! We are excited for pictures and responses 🙂 More great news, thanks to all of our friends and family supporting steka we have been able to raise over $1000 so far! This money has gone to rent (about $700/3months) and necessary items for the children (there are now 30 of them!). I was able to meet with the missions pastor at my church who sent me all the information we need to fill out in order to register steka with the IRS as a 501 (c)3! It is A LOT of paper work and needs legal review before it is submitted, but we are aiming at having this complete within the next month! Until we have NPO status, we’ve decided the most efficient way to send money is through western union. I will be sending a donation within the next couple weeks so if any one is interested let me know and I can send them together to be the most cost efficient as possible!…email me at for donations… Thanks for everyones support! 🙂

Heather & Rachel


currently looking into registering steka with the IRS as a 501 (3) (c) non-profit organization. We hope to have a bank account set up and all the paper work finished by the end of January. The site is not finished but we added a couple pages with information about steka and the sponsor letters written by the children. Get to know them!